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Treasure Valley Medical Research


Want to learn more about getting involved in a study?

Please contact us and one of our coordinators will get in touch with you.

Welcome to

Treasure Valley Medical Research


Want to learn more about getting involved in a study?

Please contact us and one of our recruitment coordinators will get in touch with you.

Clinical Studies

Heartburn/Acid Reflux

Plaque Psoriasis

Moderate to Severe Asthma

Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

Advance Medical Research

Advancing medical research locally fosters innovation, improves community health, and strengthens regional healthcare capabilities.

Study Related Care at No Cost

Experience unparalleled care and meticulous monitoring from our doctors, who are at the forefront of scientific and medical advancements.

No Health Insurance Necessary

Participation in our clinical trials requires no health insurance, ensuring accessible, groundbreaking healthcare opportunities for everyone.

Cash In-Hand at Each Visit

Participate in TVMR clinical trials and receive immediate cash compensation for contributing to vital medical research.

About Treasure Valley Medical Research

Treasure Valley Medical Research (TVMR), based in Boise, ID, is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to clinical trials. Annually, millions engage in these trials locally, contributing to the discovery and enhancement of treatments. As a participant at TVMR, you’re not just addressing your own health concerns; you become a vital part of groundbreaking medical advancements, collectively shaping the future of healthcare for generations to come.

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Thank you for visiting Treasure Valley Medical Research.

Your interest and support are invaluable to us. As we continue to advance medical science and improve healthcare outcomes, it’s the engagement and participation of individuals like you that make our work possible. We are deeply grateful for your commitment to helping us create a healthier future for all. Stay connected with us for more updates and insights into our groundbreaking research and trials.

Don’t take our words for it. Check out these reviews!


I have suffered with angioedema chronic urticaria for a year and a half. Dr Webb referred me to TVMR that was doing a clinical trial. I knew it would be a big time commitment but I thought if it gave me some relieve, even temporarily, and furthered the medical research that it was worth it. Everyone was so nice!! I was treated as a friend. The time went fast and I went several weeks with no symptoms. It was a welcomed relief. I even enjoyed the time visiting with the gals and also watching Netflix. If anyone is considering or wondering about participating in a clinical trial i highly recommend it. The medicine might not be available to you for years to come but you’ve helped further its progress to help others in years to come. I did not suffer any ill effects from the treatment and I do feel that it has helped me a great deal and is very promising.


I have been suffering with Chronic Urticaria for over a year, and nothing The Allergy Group tried seemed to help. I tried Xolair, but had side effects and had to stop. They suggested I try the clinical trial. I’ve been so miserable I had to do something. Within two days of my first infusion, I was hive-free. I didn’t realize how miserable I really was until I didn’t have horrible itching and huge welts all over my body.

Dr. Talreja and her staff are WONDERFUL! They are very kind and caring, and keep you informed of everything involving the study. When I decided to participate in this clinical trial, I was a bit nervous, but wouldn’t think twice about volunteering again.

Thank you Dr. Telreja and staff for helping me to get relief. I feel like a different person.


I recently participated in a 6 month long clinical drug trial through Treasure Valley Medical Research. I am happy knowing that my participation will hopefully be helping patients like me in the near future. Dr. Talreja and Shaunta Bernel always did their very best to make me feel informed and comfortable during the entire study. At one point I had an unrelated medical issue on a Saturday afternoon. Both Shaunta and Dr. Talreja were available by telephone for the ER doctors to consult with to be sure any treatment I received didn’t interfere with the study. In fact, both Dr. T and Shaunta were always available for any questions I had during the entire study. Overall, participating in this drug study has been an interesting and rewarding experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer for another in the future.


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